07 February 2012

Asp.net encrypt connection string in web.config

This is first time, I try to encrypt the connection string in ASP.Net website. I thought it will be difficult but my surprise, it is very easy to do. Yes of course, if you want to encrypt in one machine and install in server will be different story. You may need to Google more than me. For my case, I have access to server and connection string encryption is just a few minutes task. Here is the step:
  1. Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt as Administrator. 
  2. Run this command aspnet_regiis -pe "connectionStrings" -site "yoursitename" -app "/"
  3. After you see the succeeded message in prompt, you open the web.config file you will see the encrypted connection. 

There are others options available for this command you can see them as aspnet_regiis /? as usual.

05 February 2012

F12 Developer Toolbar is missing from IE9 menu

Strange thing happens to my IE9 after I upgraded my OS to Windows 7. I cannot find the "F12 Developer Toolbar" menu.

After a few minutes search in the Google, I found my answer. If this problem happen to you, you have to change Internet explorer setting in "Local Group Policy" of your computer. Here is how to do:

1. Type gpedit.msc in run box and click ok. This will open up "Local Group Policy Editor"

2. In the left panel click on User Configuration > Administrative Template > Window Components > Internet Explorer > Toolbars >

3. In the right panel, you will see the "Turn Off Developer Tools" settings. Double click on this and change the value to "Disabled" .

4. Restart the IE9 and you will see the "F12 Developer Tools" menu just like me :D. Enjoy.

01 November 2011

Free of Charge Decompiler Alternative to .Net Reflector

When Redgate announced they are going to stop Reflector free version, I am very disappointed as I am using Reflector for so long even before Redgate took over. I cannot use reflector anymore and no similar replacement at that moment.

Now, there are other vendors such as JetBrain, and Telerik fill up the gap for .Net developers community with their free alternatives to Redgate Reflector.

dotPeek is a new free-of-charge .NET decompiler from JetBrains the maker of ReSharper. I downloaded this tool and used this to decompile .Net 3.5 DLL. The result and usage are pretty much similar to Reflector. So far, I am quite happy with the decompiled result.

JustDecompile from Telerik is a new, free developer productivity tool designed to enable easy .NET assembly browsing and decompiling . But, this tool is still in beta stage. I need to register before I download the tool. According to company tag line "Powerful, Free .NET Decompiler. Forever" make me feel save to use in daily development.

I wish both companies keeps these tools forever and not going to make it as cash cow like Redgate. I am testing both tools now, I will post what I like and dislike about these tools later.

Happy Decompiling :D
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